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The trophy case

August 6th 1998 - "Congratulations! Coolsig has been chosen as a featured site on Seven Wonders which recognizes new an d original pages on the World Wide Web. Thanks again for making the web a more interesting place!"

August 5th, 1998 - Listed at the top of the Daily Picks on their What's N ew page. What a ride!

August 6th, 1998 - Listed at the top of Yahoo's Cool_Links page. Canada, Australia and the U.K. Yahoo! also added Coolsig to th eir Cool_Links page.

August 5th, 1998 - Ranked #1 among their cool sites of the day.

August 13th, 1998 - Listed in 'Web Guides for Grownups'.

"If you're a true-blue fan of bumper stickers or just keen on one-liners and outrageous quotes, a trip to CoolSig (for "cool signatures") may be just what the laugh doctor ordered."

August 14th, 1998 - Listed as a USA Today Hot Site.

August 16th, 1998 - "At, you can browse through hundreds of sig files and choose one that reflects your per sonality. Don't miss the section devoted to Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy."

August 21st, 1998 - Chosen Cool Site of the Day by the inventor of the genre! What an honour!

September 17th, 1998 - "Congratulations, boys & girls! From 100 or so submissions & nominations we receive dail y, we have chosen YOU to be added to the C*E*A pages. Either we loved your page, were dazzled by your good looks, or were bribed by your promise of immense a mounts of Cadbury's mini eggs. Pat yourselves on the back!"

January 14th, 1999 - "Sometimes the funniest things on the 'Net are signatures, or .sig files. The gang over at http:// have made it their business to collect some of the coolest ones."

- Iambe

March 17th, 1999 -If you'd like a sig, don't settle for some shopworn phrase like "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Instead, browse through hundreds of inventive signature lines at Pick a category such as humor, pick-up lines, or proverbs and you'll get back a hefty selection of possible sigs for your e-mail messages.

March 17th, 1999 - "Coolsig is there for those who can't resist sharing their erudition or wacky sense of humour with e veryone they email."

Yes it's true...

If you were paying attention, you'd have
noticed that Coolsig has now won
USA Today's top award twice. hee hee.

January 4th, 2000 - "You can instantly improve your Web-savvy quotient with an appropriate signature file. And Coolsig makes it easy, featuring a big assortment of lines."

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